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Kaffeebohnen für Olympia

Descaling (not up to date, see above!)

If you would prefer to do this yourself, we suggest you fill the boiler half-full with white wine vinegar and then top the boiler up to “max” with water. Switch on the machine, allowing the boiler to build up pressure and then leave it in this state for about two hours. Release the vinegar/water mixture by pressing the extraction button on the Maximatic, or by use of the lever on the Cremina (3 to 4 pulls) and the steam tab. This way, the brew group will also be cleaned. Now, switch the machine off.

At this point, release the remaining pressure through the steam tab, open the boiler top and tip out any remaining wa­ter. Repeat this procedure once again with fresh water. If the machine has been left switched off for a while, rinse the boiler thoroughly with fresh water.

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