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Kaffeebohnen für Olympia

Due to spam entries, the guestbook ist closed for new entries, you can contact me on office(at)

New US Distributor

New US distributor for cremina espresso machines and parts:

Repair service

Mike O`Donnel offers repair on Olympia Espresso Machines in the United States

TC´s Repair Service

215 South Main St.

Middelton, Ma. 01949


1-800-381-5001 phone

1-978-774-3088 fax


if you own a Cremina, plase send me a picture and some information, I'm trying to put a catalogue together, see Creminas

Welcome at!

Since I managed to buy a Olympia Cremina on Ebay in 2008, I'm now looking for information about this wonderful (and rare) Espresso maker.

I found some information on the internet, but not really much and since I was able to register the domain I now try to get things together here.

I don't have to much content, and I now hope you can help me with your experience, pictures and hints.

Please send me everything about the Cremina to office(at) thank you in advance!

By coincidence I found my Cremina on Ebay, hadn't heard about it and got curiouse. Basically I wanted an italian espresso maker like Faema, La Cimbali, San Marco or similar. My first thoughts were: from Switzerland, is that OK?

After some google research I realised that I found one of the rarest and best espresso (lever) mashines ever made.

According to the pictures, the condition was good, the previous owner had renewed all the gaskets. I finally got it to a fair price. As it finally arrived, I found it to be in an almost perfect condition, a sensation considering the age of 34 years.

After 15 minutes I was able to try the first espresso, the result was not overwhelming but it was rather my lack of technic than the mashines fault. After a few more shots the result was satisfying but not until the arrival of my Mazzer Mini I was able to present a real good espresso.

In the meanwhile I can keep up a high level, with some variations but that is the challenge: the combination of grinding, pressure, amount of coffe and tampering, not really easy but fun.

Cremina regards

Johan Nordholm

This webpage has nothing to do with the manufacturer of Olympia espresso machines, it is inofficial and privat!

please send pictures, info and links for this page!